Toppik and Other Hair Loss Concealers

Worldwide, men and women alike have historically experienced hair loss, especially with the aging process. There are various causes for hair loss, from stress, to malnutrition, to genetic conditions. And for as many causes of hair loss that exist, there are no fewer products to conceal the condition.

Covering up hair loss without hairpieces, hats, or surgery is a known trick of the make up artists that beautify Hollywood stars and starlets. No red carpet celeb would allow the droves of paparazzi and tabloids to exploit such a sensitive issue. For years, our leading men and ladies of cinema have been masking their hair loss with the aid of concealment products. From lotions to powders, these hair loss products come in a few different forms; all of which claim to almost instantly mimic the consistency and color of real hair, in order to restore the look of fullness to a balding scalp. The most popular commercial brands on the market are Toppik, DermMatch, COUVRé, and Nanogen. These products are available to anyone, and while they may have their perks, they definitely come with drawbacks as well.


ToppikToppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

This brand claims that within 30 seconds, your hair loss will be transformed. Toppik is a powder-based hair loss cosmetic made of organic keratin protein. Static electricity bonds the keratin powder to the existing hair, with a strong enough magnetic attachment to subsist through wind, rain, and perspiration. Toppik can be sprinkled onto the hair or applied with a spray applicator to the area of the scalp affected by hair loss.

DermmatchToppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

DermMatch is touted as a safe and healthful, hard-packed powder “shading.” This hair loss cosmetic claims to contain emollients and botanicals that moisturize and soothe the skin and hair. After rubbing in the powder and brushing it through the hair, the thin hairs will thicken, stand taller, and spread out to give the illusion of a full head of hair. In addition, DermMatch does not contain hair dye, but rather safe colorants only.

COUVRéToppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

COUVRé is different from Toppik and the rest in that it’s a lotion-compound. applied with an applicator. This hair loss concealer alleges to be undetectable, and to restore temporary fullness to the front of the scalp, while making thinning areas appear nonexistent. COUVRé is also convenient and economical, as it comes in a simple tube equipped with an applicator, and typically lasts three to four months.

NanogenToppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

Nanogen works similarly to Toppik in that its formula is made of pure keratin. The sophisticated keratin micro-fibers attach to the thinning hair to conceal hair loss in men and women. It is also applied the same way as Toppik, by sprinkling it from the container directly onto the hair. The result should be almost instant and look natural.


These cosmetics may be instantly gratifying for someone suffering hair loss. But Toppik and other similar hair loss concealers have no shortage of drawbacks:

  1. Toppik, etc, is a temporary solution to thinning hair.
  2. In watery situations, i.e. rain, swimming, or sweating, these products would typically form a paint that flows down ones forehead and cheeks, resulting in a mortifying experience.
  3. Toppik can appear unnatural under direct sunlight.
  4. It may become demoralizing for one to compromise his or her daily appearance so extensively.
  5. As hair loss progresses and the bald area expands, Toppik takes over, showing up more than the hair itself.
  6. With time, these concealers may start to cake the scalp.
  7. With the falseness of Toppik, etc, paranoia may arise, manipulating one’s confidence and comfort.
  8. The affected hair must not be excessively touched with while Toppik is in use. This excludes loved ones from the affectionate practice of playing with the hair.
  9. Mounting expense and nuisance of stained pillows and beddings. Over time it can appear on curtains, couches, and carpets as well.


Keratin-based adhesive powders like Toppik may be a nice substitute for a short time. However, in the long run, there is only one thing that can rebuild total confidence and normalcy to someone suffering from hair loss. And that’s real hair.

Toppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

Dr. Umar’s signature FUE hair transplantation using uGraft is a procedure that removes the hair follicles one by one from the patient’s donor area. These follicles are carefully selected from areas that will yield the most natural, full, and even results after transplantation. Whether donor hair comes from the nape of the neck or behind the ears, the experience of having live, growing hair like that of your youth is matchless. Toppik holds no comparison.

Taking this a leap forward is body hair transplantation, or BHT. BHT—an advanced form of FUE that utilizes body hair for extraction—makes it possible to achieve a subtle, Toppik-like fullness over the thinning areas of the scalp, while still using real hair. BHT enables the use of beard, chest, stomach, and leg hair. Even patients with naturally finer body hair can benefit from BHT, since thickness of the follicle is not a qualifier in the success of this procedure.

Toppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers Toppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

When Dr. Umar discovered six years ago that even fine hair can provide fullness and density through BHT, he also noted the following.

This debunked all belief that only robust hair can provide adequate coverage in hair transplantation. If finer hair is used correctly and with precision, it too can grow and thrive.

Finer body hair used in hair transplantation can achieve a similar look to Toppik—a fullness that appears authentic. Except with BHT it IS authentic. It is real, growing hair, thus the drawbacks are eliminated.

Toppik And Other Hair Loss Concealers

For more information on the use of body hair to correct hair loss, read more here.