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Hair Transplant Cost and Financing Information

We accept the following payment types, in addition to cashier’s checks and wire transfers:

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Discounts apply for:

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For an accurate estimation of your hair transplant cost, complete or free online consultation or schedule a clinic visit for an in-office consultation.

Here at DermHair Clinic we have the following pricing:
-Head or beard donor starts at $8 per graft;
-Body hair starts at $10.

We also offer consultations online and in the office to help properly identify which donor areas can be used to help you save money and achieve the best natural look. Our online consultation is completely free and is done by Dr. Umar himself. To learn about our specials and promotions please fill this form or call us at 1 (877) 337-6424 .
*Current prices are subject to change without any notice. Please inquire about the prices during your consultation.

To learn more about what factors comprising the hair transplant cost , please click Cost of hair transplant

We work exclusively with MLEND FINANCE which offers financing with no interest payments for 1 year. You may download loan application forms directly by clicking:

To consult Dr Umar, click: Free Online Consultation

Hair Transplant Cost and Financing Information