FUE Hair Transplant by uGraft

FUE hair transplants minimize general scarring and avert the linear scar typical of other hair restoration techniques. With independent graft excision directly from the scalp, the follicular units are removed one at a time—not in one mass strip of flesh. For those experiencing mild to moderate hair loss, the head is used as the donor source to supply the procedure.

FUE is additionally advantageous under the treatment of advanced surgeons who are adept at harvesting hair from outside the safe donor zone. The purpose of this non-traditional harvest, wherein donor follicles come from the nape of the neck or behind the ears, is to enhance the aesthetic results of surgery. These peripheral hairs are of thinner disposition and thus facilitate the capacity for more refined hairline and temple point design.

FUE hair transplants - 6 days after surgery FUE hair transplants - 2 months after surgery

uGraft For Advanced FUE Hair Transplants

DermHair Clinic takes FUE another critical step forward, with the uGraft harvesting methodology which includes:

(1) customized surgical punch tools such as uPunch

(2) protocols for the pre and post surgical phases of the procedure.

The punch devices are not automated or robotic, like many other emergent FUE machines. Instead, they stays true to the handheld origins of hair transplant tools in order to maintain surgeon accountability for the integrity of each graft.

UGraft advances follicular unit extraction in a purely performance-based capacity. It’s primary objective is not to expedite the surgery, but rather to improve the visual outcome.

Features of  uGraft Devices

UGraft tools are highly specialized. They are more advanced than currently available FUE instruments several steps further due to  the following capabilities:

(1)  the extraction of follicles that are angled as well as  hair that grows in a curvature

(2) the shape and size of the wounds in the donor regions

Most hair follicles are not oriented at a 90 degree angle. Also curly hair does not grow in a straight line. This can make it difficult for a practitioner to determine the exact positioning of an FUE punch to extract each hair graft. The punch needs to cut the tissue around the hair follicle. If its placement is not accurate, it can damage or bury the hair graft.

UGraft instruments are motorized, hand held tools. A mechanism is applied to gently pull the graft to help extract it. Therefore, the process does not depend exclusively on excisions to completely severe the tissue around the follicle from its surroundings. This helps minimize the risk of damaging or buring the grafts.

0.8mm tips are precisely customized through the use of computer software.  The resulting donor area wounds are exceptionally small and uniquely shaped to allow for faster complete healing. In the vast majority of cases, there are no visible traces of the excision.,

In summary, the  features of uGraft improve upon general FUE punch instruments by offering:

  • reduced wound sized
  • lower transection rates
  • minimal graft burial incidence
  • negligible scarring

FUE Hair Transplants at DermHair Clinic

There is no need to suffer with thinning hair any longer. Nor is there a need to fear embarrassing scars, poor yield, or pluggy grafts when you think of hair restoration surgery. DermHair Clinic is a world-leading practice, offering exceptional and personalized treatment from a surgeon who wants to make a difference in your life.