Follicular Unit Extraction and Body Hair Transplants

Follicular unit extraction involves restoring balding areas of the head by moving grafts from the donor areas on the head or body one unit at a time. It is a minimally invasive process done in complete comfort under local anesthesia and a mild sedative. Usually you are awake and watching a movie during the procedure, and you are also given breaks. Lunch is served on our clinic’s patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Minimal pain is involved during and after the follicular unit extraction process. Most clients do not even need ordinary over the counter pain killers. Depending on the size of the surgery, procedures can be scheduled over the course of several back to back work days.

Body Hair Transplantation: Welcome to the Future – and Your Solution

With his advanced training, love of research and interest in a natural process for hair restoration, Dr. Umar pursued his passion of the art and science of hair transplantation. After personally experiencing the devastating consequences of a botched hair transplant surgery, he wanted to find a solution for others.

Dr. Umar began this quest by comparing different procedures for hair restoration in the United States and abroad, focusing on alternatives to the painful surgery and limitations of traditional treatments for hair replacement.

Many alternative treatments were still in the developmental stages and were flawed, so he began to design a new, minimally invasive, transplant procedure.

It took Dr. Umar two years to design the tools and techniques which allowed for the successful, knife-free, natural replacement for hair loss. The result is a breakthrough in the field of hair transplantation, a state-of-the-art treatment the provides rapid healing rates and better overall yield and growth of transplanted hair follicles. The transplants  grow in a natural pattern from the first treatment.

Best of all, because the procedure allows for the use of body hair, even those suffering from severe baldness have a good chance for full restoration! The patient in the testimonial below had given up – until he found Dr. Umar. Using his advanced technique, Dr. Umar transplanted 20,000 individual grafts from the man’s head, beard, chest, stomach, arms, legs and nape of his neck to restore his hair.

Fast healing. Because of the microsurgical technique used by Dr. Umar, only the tiniest incisions are made for extraction and transplant. His unique approach speeds the healing process; patients can usually return to most normal activities the very next day. The time to complete resolution of signs of surgery has ranged from 3 weeks to 4 months with follicular unit extraction.

uGraft – An Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction Methodology

Ugraft is a system of tools and techniques that Dr. Umar developed for harvesting facial, body and nape hair follicles. The grafts from these other areas are more delicate in nature compared to head hairs.  Therefore, they require a more specialized approach to prevent damage and to optimize the healing process for the donor regions.

One of the main challenges of FUE extractions is positioning  the surgical tool so that it does not harm the graft. Hair follicles often grow at an angle. And the trajectory of their growth may be curved. The perimeter of the punch needs to be placed so that the shape of the excision surrounds the follicle. Otherwise, it can be buried or damaged by the edge. UGraft device,s such as the uPunch, provide a gentle pull to help extract the follicle and to circumvent these potential issues.

The uGraft punch unit is highly specialized. It is crafted through digital software for exceptional precision. Two factors are accounted for to facilitate superior healing:

(1) size of the wound

(2) shape of the wound

FUE surgical wounds in body donor regions should ideally heal quickly without noticeable traces of scarring.  For examples areas like the beard, legs, chest, abdomen, arms, back and nape are are highly visible.

While scarring is a risk in any FUE procedure, the features of uGraft tools are ideally suited to minimize this on the head and more noticeable areas on the body.

As a surgical system, uGraft also includes protocols performed before and after the procedure to further optimize the quality of the results.

Head donor areas examples:

The following picture shows a scalp donor area as it appears at only 6 days after Dr. Umar removed 2300 grafts by FUE Another donor 2 months after removal of 1500 grafts.

As you can see, sporting a crew cut is no problem with this procedure!

Body donor area examples:

follicular unit extraction

follicular unit extraction 1

follicular unit extraction 2

Follicular unit extraction transplant area example:

follicular unit extraction 3

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The impossible is possible with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction and uGraft.

Take control. Contact Dr. Umar to discuss your hair restoration options today!